Dic, pater, quid est lamella?

Elias Magnus Fries (1794–1878), the "founder of modern systematic mycology", tells a little about his own education in his Historiola Studii mei mycologici (1857). At the age of twelve when gathering strawberries in a wood he found an unusually large specimen of a fungus (Hydnum coralloides), which induced him to begin the study of fungi. He tried to ascertain its name with the aid of Liljeblad's Utkast til en Svensk Flora (1792 and 1798), but was soon tripped up by an unknown word lamella. "Shortly afterwards, when out walking with my father, I asked: Dic, Pater, quid est lamella? (with my father I was allowed to talk only in Latin, whereby I learned Latin before Swedish). Lamella, he replied, est lamina tenuis, which explanation given made this term for the fructification of agarics seem particularly apt.

(Stearn, William T. Botanical Latin: history, grammar, syntax, terminology and vocabulary. Newton Abbot u.a: David & Charles, 1985, p. 7)

Historiola se, mislim, nalazi u ovoj knjizi.

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