Uz ispriku Stephenu Shoreu
Kolumna u novom Zarezu antropološka je oda digitalnoj fotografiji, i njezinom razmjenjivanju putem flickra i drugih sličnih samoupravnih interesnih zajednica.

U žaru dedlajna izostavio sam iz teksta najbolji i najpametniji citat o flickru koji sam našao na mreži. Iz intervjua sa Stephenom Shoreom (ekskjuz di ingliš):

One aspect of the "digital revolution" that I find interesting is the ubiquitousness of cameras. That, coupled with new means of transmission of images, is leading us into an interesting age. A person can email a few pictures taken in an Iraqi prison to a friend and within a day they are all over the world. We can witness the Ukraine's Orange Revolution from the multiple perspectives of the participants. When Time magazine illustrates the London Underground bombings of 7/7, they don't have to rely on photojournalists covering the aftermath – they can use cell phone pictures taken by the survivors. The means of transmission, particularly the Internet, mean that everyone now has a public voice. Just as I described digital photography as a two-sided phenomenon, so is this public voice. On one hand it bypasses the visual conventions imposed by the editors of traditional media. It also bypasses the financial constraints of traditional media. Excellent work, perhaps even the most groundbreaking work, can get an audience. On the other hand, when everyone has a public voice, we see how many people just don't have anything interesting to communicate.

(Stephen Shore, inače, ima puno poklonika na flickru — potražite tamo po "stephen shore", i naći ćete sasvim solidnu antologiju njegovih fotki.)


Drugi je višak (tj. nije stao u kolumnu) antropološko-povjesničarski. Nove geste za identificiranje fotografiranja na internetu su registrirane 27. veljače 2006. (barem terminus post quem non, prema guglu). The Byrdhouse Review:
Mid-story, he made a gesture of a photo being taken. Natural enough, the gesture was merely to illustrate a moment in an entertaining anecdote. Of note here was the motion he made. Rather than two cradled hands snapping the shutter of an invisible camera against his face, he extended one-hand from his body and viewed his subject from a distance. Snap. Digital photography! I immediately picked up on this new sign and interjected with a comment. The storyteller was unamused and returned a look of irritation (I interrupted the pacing of the fine performance). But ah, to think that digital photography has now breached the semiosphere. You've come so far!

[I iz komentara:] I remember when the common gesture involved pretending to insert a treated plate into a box and removing a lens cap for ~15 secs.

[Još iz komentara:] When I take a photo of my kids they immediately run to look at the back of the camera.

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