Interpretiranje i programiranje

Interpretiranje književnosti:

Many Unix utilities (grep, sed, sort, and so on) are typically used as filter programs—they read input and then write some variation on it to the output.

Tim Maher, Minimal Perl for Linux and Unix People


Over the years, I have heard many sweeping statements about computer science. Opinions like, "All computation is simply fancy bit manipulation," "Computers are really just sophisticated number crunchers," or "Everything a computer does can be understood in terms of symbol manipulation" are true to some extent. However, I would like to make a sweeping generalization of my own: "Every problem we solve with software can be understood in terms of transformations." Mastery of computer science is mastery of transformation. Transformation is what CPUs do, it is what algorithms do, and it is what software developers do. And transformation is what XSLT does...

Sal Mangano, XSLT Cookbook

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